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Dogging With Sex Toys

Sex toys -- you use them at home to add variety to your lovemaking, so why not take them on the road for your next dogging adventure? Adding toys can spice up your sex scene and make it more interesting and fun both for you and your audience. We recommend that you wait till you're in the car and away from the house before you start playing with your toys. Otherwise you may never get out the front door, let alone out of the garage.

Get Your Motor Running
The fun with sex toys can begin before you even arrive at your dogging location. He can cinch on a cock ring while she can slip on a pair of vibrating panties or a strap-on clit stimulator. Then while en route, he can be building a monster erection while twiddling the control knobs and getting her warmed up. Crotchless panties are a nice choice for her as well, as he can finger her during the drive without burrowing through layers of clothing, plus they allow for quick and easy access once you arrive and get down to business.

Light up the Night
Even with the inside light on, car interiors can be dim, and car parks and nature areas can be dark. You want your spectators to get the best view possible, so choose high-visibility toys like vibrators, dildos, and cock rings that light up or glow in the dark. Light-up toys have the added advantage of providing a bit of illumination so you can see what you're doing. And if you have car trouble, in a pinch you can use them for road flares.

You'll probably be using condoms anyway, so if you get brightly colored or glow condoms you can highlight your assets and help onlookers follow the action.

Dogging Dongs
A dildo can be a nice addition to your dogging repertoire in many respects. With it, a woman can put on a riveting solo show for watchers, while letting her male partner take a bit of a break. Or perhaps she wants another cock in her without actually getting another bloke involved in the scene. The dildo is a great stand-in, allowing for double penetration or simultaneous suck-and-fuck without having to cram another body in the car or risk taking on a stranger.

Truly adventuresome couples may want to investigate trying a strap on dildo - that is, a dildo that the woman wears and uses to penetrate her male partner in the ass. It takes a truly secure, or truly submissive guy to handle getting pegged. Not everyone will be comfortable with it, possibly including your audience members, but if you want to push the envelope, you might give it a go.

Small Is Good
When choosing sex toys to take along for dogging, smaller is better, as large toys can be unwieldy in the cramped confines of a car interior. Egg and bullet vibrators are compact yet powerful, and most feature remote control in some form. Wireless remote vibrators are convenient since they can be operated from anywhere inside or even outside of the vehicle, and you don't have to worry about getting tangled up in the wires. On the other hand, if your vibrator has a battery and control pack attached by wires, you're less likely to lose either the controller or the vibe if it falls on the floor or out the car door. Smaller sized handheld battery powered vibrators are also ideal and can be conveniently stowed in the glove compartment for use at a moment's notice.

Get a Charge
Be sure to stock the car with a supply of fresh batteries for your toys, in a location where you can find and get to them easily. The glove compartment or the change holder are good spots. If you don't want to fuss with batteries, you can get vibrators that plug directly into your car's cigarette lighter for their power source. How's that for ingenuity?


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