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Melanie's UK Doggers
One of the best free swingers sites, hosted by North Wales hottie Melanie. Lots of resources including dogging advice, locations, and active meet up board. Affiliated online group at Yahoo. Also has personal ads, pics, info on other swingers events and activities.

Swinging Heaven - UK Dogging
Tons of content and resources on this free site run by a computer-savvy swinging couple. Their section on dogging features tips, legal info, dogging ads and an extensive location list. Check out the Dogging Forum, where outdoor enthusiasts arrange meetings, post locations, and exchange information.

This free, full-service site by Dean and Matty has a dogging locations list and forum, chat rooms, profiles, pics, and swinging tips. Lots of content and visuals.

Irish Swingers: Dogging
Free site for swingers in Ireland with list of dogging locations in Northern and Southern Ireland. Has an active forum for doggers to exchange info and invitations. Adult Check required to access pic galleries.

Naughty Box: Dogging and Car Park Fun
This swingers personals site has a list of dogging locations with directions.

UK Exhibitionists: Dogging
Primarily an amateur photo and adult personals site, with a list of dogging locations.

Swing London: Dogging
Free swingers personal ad site with small section on dogging. Basic info, etiquette and list of locations in and around London. There's a Dogging Forum but it hasn't seen much action.

Adult Indulgence: Dogging
Paid membership swinging personals and photo site with dogging section. Thumbnail pics, no free services, £25 per year.

Flirtations: Car Sex Adverts
Swingers personal ads and pics, has section for those interesting in meeting for car sex. Site membership is free but Adult Check required.

Swinging Affairs: Dogging
This membership personals site has a dogging page, mostly of value for its list of locations.

A dogger's personal web site, with dogging tales and lists of locations. Not much there, but we give it two stars for effort.

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