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Dogging Shopping List

Going dogging requires some preparation. Here are some of our picks for the most important things to bring along:

Condoms, condoms, condoms

Obviously, if you're going to play safe, you need condoms. Especially if you're going to let others join in the fun, it's an absolute must to have plenty of condoms at-the-ready. You can't count on people bringing their own. You may want to bring a variety of types and sizes so people can choose the condom most comfortable for them. After all, no telling who will show up, and you need to be ready for anything.

You should also bring some latex surgeon's gloves. If there's going to be any internal, or even external, touching involved, latex gloves will protect both parties. Dental dams (some people substitute plastic wrap) offer protection during oral play.

Lube It Up

Plenty of lube is essential to keep your dogging session going like a well-oiled machine. You probably already know that  you should use water-based lubes like Astroglide and KY-Jelly, as oil-based lubes can degrade latex condoms. However, you may not realize that lube is available, not just in tubes, but also in single-use packets. Just hand out a little lube packet when you give out the condom, a perfect pair.

Now I Lay Me Down

It may seem exciting to have sex on the ground, on a picnic table, or on the hood of your car. However, you'll have a quick bit of harsh reality once you realize just how uncomfortable that can be. Rock on the floor, the hard metal of a car, or splinters on a picnic table can ruin a dogging session. So, come prepared. Bring a blanket to lie on, a pillow to rest your head, and anything else you think you might need for comfort. We've heard of some dogging enthusiasts who even bring their own air mattress to the fun. A little thought to physical comfort will go a long way to making it a fun experience.

See What's Going On

You should have at least one flashlight at the ready, along with extra batteries, before the fun begins. In terms of safety and simple efficiency, you need to be able to see what's going on, especially if it's a dark or secluded area.

Clean Up Time

Dogging can be a very messy activity. To keep things clean and sanitary, you should have plenty of baby wipes, paper towels, and tissues close at hand. Encourage your newfound friends to wipe before the fun starts, you can even give them a little Purel-style sanitizing gel to disinfect their hands.

Environmentally Friendly

When your dogging session is done, make sure to leave the location as clean as when you found it. Bring plastic bags, and throw away EVERYTHING, condoms, condom wrappers, baby wipes, etc. Your flashlight will come in handy here too. It's your responsibility to the dogging community to do this; dogging should be fun for those involved and not a burden on others. Either dispose of the plastic bag in a proper receptacle at the dogging location or take it home and throw it out there.


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