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Dogging FAQ

  1. What is dogging?
  2. Why is it called dogging?
  3. How did dogging start?
  4. Is dogging like swinging?
  5. Why is dogging so popular?
  6. What kind of people go dogging?
  7. Where are the best places for dogging?
  8. How widespread is dogging?
  9. I want to try dogging. How do I get started?
  10. How do doggers hook up for meetings?
  11. Is dogging illegal?
  12. Is dogging dangerous?
  13. I don't have a car. Can I still go dogging?
  14. What should I take along when I go dogging?
  15. How do I talk my partner into trying dogging?
  16. I tried going to a dogging spot and nothing was going on there. What happened?
  17. I went to a dogging spot and it was closed off. Why?

  1. What is dogging?

  2. The term dogging refers to either having or observing exhibitionist sex in a public or semi-public place, usually outdoors. Sometimes the voyeurs join in on the sex, usually they just watch from nearby.

  3. Why is it called dogging?

  4. There are several possible explanations: "dogging" can mean following or watching, or it might refer to having sex outdoors like dogs. A popular theory is that it comes from the alibi of "walking the dog" to explain your outdoor adventures. See our page on the origins of the term "dogging" for more.

  5. How did dogging start?

  6. Dogging has been getting a lot of attention lately, but people have been doing it for many years. Recently, with the advent of the internet, cell phones, and messaging, it is easier for doggers to find one another and arrange meetings.

  7. Is dogging like swinging?

  8. Many people who are into dogging are also involved in the swinging scene (wife-swapping, group sex, etc.). Some couples just like to put on a show to spice things up now and then.

  9. Why is dogging so popular?

  10. It's fun and it's forbidden. People love to watch and be watched during sex. There's also an element of challenge and adventure to finding a good dogging spot and seeking out an exciting encounter.

  11. What kind of people go dogging?

  12. Couples into exhibitionism are usually in their 30s to 50s, though some may be older or younger. Observers are usually single men. Most doggers are middle class, and most lead quite average lives apart from their "hobby".

  13. Where are the best places for dogging?

  14. Doggers mostly choose open air, somewhat out of the way places, often in or near country parks. Car parks are also quite common congregating spots, and occasionally cinema halls. Check our links section for web sites with lists of known dogging locations.

  15. How widespread is dogging?

  16. Public sex happens nearly everywhere, but the dogging phenomenon has really flourished in the United Kingdom, for some reason. There are signs it is spreading rapidly to Canada, New Zealand, Canada and the U.S.

  17. I want to try dogging. How do I get started?

  18. Coming to this site is a good start. Check out some of the other dogging sites on the Web. Drop in on some dogging forums or join online dogging groups and get a feel for the scene. Read our dogging etiquette tips for dogging dos and don'ts.

  19. How do doggers hook up for meetings?

  20. Nowadays, doggers usually contact one another online, through chat rooms, forums, bulletin boards and newsgroups. Someone will issue an invite to watch, or inquire if there is anyone interested in performing in a certain area. Further details for meeting may be arranged online, or via cell phone or messaging. Some may just show up at a known dogging spot and see if anyone else turns up.

  21. Is dogging illegal?

  22. Dogging somewhat of a legal grey area, and the laws regarding public sex, nudity, lewdness, and their enforcement, vary by jurisdiction. In the UK, there are laws against public sex but they mostly are concerned with protecting "unwilling witnesses" from seeing acts of lewdness. We're not sure how this would be applied to sex in front of willing witnesses. However, if there is a complaint, you may be prosecuted. And in some areas the local police have been stepping up patrols to discourage activity at notorious dogging hangouts.

  23. Is dogging dangerous?

  24. There are a number of risks involved in dogging. Anytime you're dealing with people you meet online, going to a secluded spot, and putting yourself in a compromising position, you are making yourself somewhat vulnerable. Usually everyone is just looking for a good time, but crimes can happen, so always be cautious and be aware of your surroundings.

    Another risk of dogging now becoming evident is that of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Be safe when playing with strangers. Use condoms, gloves, and appropriate contraception.

  25. I don't have a car. Can I still go dogging?

  26. Many dogging activities revolve around cars, as couples do like to have sex in cars and some locations are somewhat remote. However, it's quite possible there is dogging activity in your area that is accessible by public transport. Check dogging sites and dogging groups for info. Also, many doggers are motorbike enthusiasts, so a car is not strictly necessary.

  27. What should I take along when I go dogging?

  28. See our dogging shopping list for suggested supplies.

  29. How do I talk my partner into trying dogging?

  30. Obviously dogging is a consensual activity, but it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea. Try broaching the subject of dogging and see how he or she responds to the idea. If they seem receptive, talk about how a dogging scenario could play out and see if they get turned on. If you decide to go for it, make the arrangements together. Don't take them out "for a drive" and spring it on them. Never trick or coerce someone into a scene.

  31. I tried going to a dogging spot and nothing was going on there. What happened?

  32. If you just showed up at a reported dogging area, maybe you just hit a quiet spell. Sometimes you have to hang out and give it some time. Also, spots may change in popularity, and if there are problems at one, people may move on.

  33. I went to a dogging spot and it was closed off. Why?

  34. If you went to a nature area or car park and found it fenced off, it's likely a response to too much dogging activity in that area, causing complaints about noise, traffic, trash and general naughtiness. More businesses and government agencies are becoming aware of dogging and are beginning to take action to discourage it. However, the doggers find a new spot and get back to business.

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